Bejeweled is a fun and enjoyable game.  Its operation is simple and easy to use. You only need to eliminate the gem groups on the screen and get the corresponding scores, and then you can get an ultimatum to the next level.  Can you finish the task within the time limit and have the interest to challenge?

Bejeweled’s Game Operation

In Bejeweled, only the left mouse button is required to click.

Bejeweled’s game content

Entering Bejeweled, when you start the game officially, you need to observe the gems in the full screen and make the same flowers form three or more gem groups horizontally or vertically to eliminate them.  The more flowers you develop, the more points you will get.  When removing gems, it can increase your time.  Therefore, we must pay attention to the time; otherwise we will fail.  The entry is based on your score. For example, entering the second level requires 5,000 points.

Bejeweled’s Game Features

Bejeweled’s picture is exquisite and consists of precious stones with bright colours.  Secondly, it has a wealth of checkpoints and a time limit. You need to finish the elimination task within the time limit.  As you advance, the scores you need to pass will change.

Do you want to play a deluxe version of the elimination game?  Then come to Bejeweled.  Fullscreen of diamonds waiting for you to eliminate;  You must use your superpowers of observation to find the same rings that can be changed positions, connect them into three or more companies, and then eliminate them.  In some ways, solitaire online is somewhat similar to the former. You sort the cards according to their established rules. Only when you finish from big to small, the maps of the same suit will be automatically retrieved.  And you’ve completed most of your tasks.

The fourth and goal is an online football game.  You can feel and even experience real football matches here.  You can only win if you successfully kick the ball to the designated position.  Princess maker, who pays attention to personal design style, can let you carry out private fashion matching online to satisfy your girlish heart.

If you want something unusual, then be elected sugar sugar;  You must think carefully before you can make the dropped sugar particles successfully flow into the coffee cup on the bridge you drew.  It is important to note that when sugar grains run out, all opportunities must be grasped.